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mylynn in purebloodicons

remember how i said i'd EVENTUALLY upload those brushes again...?

i finally did (: (about 3 more sets coming, i'm just trying to get them all zipped and such since i seem to have lost the zip file... for the other ones!)

download for for psp9 or the image pack

download for psp 9 or the image pack

download for psp 9 or the image pack

sorry for taking 5 years.

//edit: these work for psp8, you just need to go to file> import> custom brush (:


snagging all three ^.^ credit will be here
Taking the first ones! Thank you!
These are great! Saved all three of the imagepack ones, will credit of course!
OMG! Your textures/brushes are amazing. You have exclusive taste and sense of style!

BTW, I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering how you achieved such stunning colouring on those icons.Do you a .psd image or may be a tut on getting this effect? Please? :-)

wow, those are from a long time ago.... however i have the pspimage file, but i guess you're using ps? i'll try to post a tut within a week :) (i was asked to a long time ago but .... i forgot :S) (: thanks.

*joyfully clapping hands*

Yes, CS2. It'd be wonderful if you could send me the .psd :))))) mailto:pobeda.vavt@gmail.com

Looking forward for the tut! ;P

Re: *joyfully clapping hands*


i tried (and i'm sorry i can't send you a psd because i use psp! (: )
Downloaded all three. These are all awesome! I'd been looking for tiny text like #3 for a long time.
took the first set, as imagepack, love imagepacks. really great. will credit when used.
:O... Yay. Took the second set, since the brushes look awesome~ Adding you to my resources, of course~
saved the first one. will credit when used
Snagging the first two~ Will credit in my resources when I use them. :3 Thanks~
Snagging the first incase I need them. If I use I'll share and you get credit for them
will credit!


heeey your stuff is awesome, nabbing the first 2 thanks XD
snagging AGAIN. great brushes!
Aww... the image pack links have died...

Regardless, they are amazing brushes, even if I can't nab them! :)
nice brushes..
do you mind reuploading the file? The links died >
thanks so much, i'm afraid i can't because long story short my laptop got stolen and i don't have a backup of the brushes. sorry! i wish i did because i am re-installing everything and am sans a collection of brushes.
Took the first one C:

I'd love the image pack for the first one but it seems as though they might have expired on .sendspace. Is there any chance you could re-upload them or e-mail them to me (yelloerainboe@hotmail.co.uk)?

Thanks :)