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mylynn in purebloodicons

new text brush set...

so, new layout thanks the thefulcrum...

and i was bored and was taking a break from spazzing over Gaspard.... so I made brushes...

sorry in advance for the offensive color combos... i just like bright colors...lol...

download for PSP 9 here // download the image pack here

credit is nice, comments are nicer!

If you like what you see, feel free to join PurebloodIcons or watch!


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Downloading. Thank you!
will be creditting you shortly in my resource post.
I went ahead and converted them to PS CS2 brushes as well. If you would like to offer them in that form as well, feel free. All I ask is that you upload them to your own hosting site. :)
.abr here
snagged and will credit..



Snag!Will credit. This is Awesome!Thanks!



Thanks for these, will credit back to you. CG
the link's expired. I would love the brushes!
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