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mylynn in purebloodicons

15 new text brushes

15 random text brushes

Made on and for PSP 9, but I'm pretty sure they'll work in 8...not sure about anything lower..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
download for PSP 9 or Image Pack

I'm on an icon block, all the icons I've made recently are so blase...

so I make brushes.

how awesome is that...NOT

enjoy :)

as always, credit purebloodicons

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snagging it. thanks!
Thank you very much! :) Will credit if used. :)
Snagging! You're already credited.
Lovely! Downloaded and you're already credited @ faerie_graphix.
Gonna take these, will credit!
thanks will credit, took the psp brushes and converted them to .abr


i love these! great job :) will be using :D
snagged image pack only and will credit!
Lovely! Taken and will credit. Do you know the code to link a community? I know for a user its [Unknown LJ tag] (whithout the spaces etc.) Huh, thankyou :)
just replace user with comm

*psp whores self to you*

they're awesome!
do you know if they will work in psp8?♥
I'm pretty sure they willl :)
snagged & credited @ scarlet_designs
Snagging, will credit!
Grabbed the brushes.
Will credit in my resource post when I use them.

Thanks! :)
I'll credit when I use. Thanks!
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