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mylynn in purebloodicons

oh baby, you just want me empty!

alright, I've been asked a few times how i got the coloring on this icon...I made this a long time ago so I'm going to attempt to recreate the same effect (:

For PSP9, but semi-transferable.

Image Heavy.

for once i think this isn't translatable into Photoshop... or it might be, just not the first few steps....

So i start with this cap, I already resized it...

Then I go to Adjust> PhotoFix> Digital Camera Noise Removal
This part is a little tricky and honestly, you just have to fool around with the boxes until you get what you want...
Here is what I did...(I usually put one box on the hair, and another on part of the skin)


Then I crop

Duplicate that layer, greyscale it, set to screen.

Duplicate the bottom layer, bring it to the top, set it to soft light.

Take this gradiant (i'm not sure who it's from anymore.... probably crumblingwalls) and set it to Saturation at 26% opacity.


It's still a lot more vibrant than the original so duplicate the bottom layer again and then set it to Difference on 20% opacity...

Then I add a brush I made (you can get it here)


It's still a bit brighter than the original, but tbh I like it better than the original, and I'm not sure how I got it so dull to begin with, it could be due to the cap being darker than the original. IDK.

If you have any questions feel free to ask (:

hope you benefit from this!

I'd love to see what you came up with, if you used this tutorial.

(sorry it's so messy!)

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Digital Camera Noise Removal is teh shit.
no fucking kidding... it kind of evens out psp and ps because the blur on psp is NOTHING compared to the blur on ps.
Thanks! :)
Oh, this is perfect! :) Thanq very much!