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mylynn in purebloodicons

new text brush set...

so, new layout thanks the thefulcrum...

and i was bored and was taking a break from spazzing over Gaspard.... so I made brushes...

sorry in advance for the offensive color combos... i just like bright colors...lol...

download for PSP 9 here // download the image pack here

credit is nice, comments are nicer!

If you like what you see, feel free to join PurebloodIcons or watch!


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Lured me in with the Gaspard icon and I left with text brush image pack - thanks!

((ps: I want to lick his neck. Yup.))
haha, glad to be of service (and tbqh, i think we all do... or some variation of that)
Downloading these, thanks.
Taking and crediting, thank you :D
Snagged! =D Will credit you in my resource post!
Saving this set! ♥
Really pretty brushes, thefting and credited. :3
nice..i'm taking them..i'll credit
Awesome brushes! You'll be getting credit when I use them ^_^
Very lovely and will credit. =)
Text brushes! My weakness! I have taken. *is pathetic* Thanks!
you wouldn't know me~ but still, thanks! i really like how you laid the text out for the brushes! will also credit when used~
Ooh, definitely taking these! Pretty!

I'll add you to my resources of course :)
Thanks for sharing~! Will credit. :D
Taking ~!
Of course i will credit ^^~
Genius :)

Thanks. Will add you to my resources.
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