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mylynn in purebloodicons

lol, more Gaspard icons... (17)

-[5]gaspard as edward
-[10]non-themed, just gorgeous Gaspard...
= 17 icons


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ughhh I feel like I really can't make anything else, or I don't want to... hehe...


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cheek-eating is pretty sexy too, i think.

heh, jk.

but yeah, he's sexy. i also think he acted well...

i remember falling in love with the little boy Hannibal too. that kid was cute as well.

and then he grows up t be anthony hopkins. creeeppy.
i know. idk how that happened.

it's a little depressing, really.
LOL. well, anthony hopkins did one hellll of a creeppy job in silence of the lambs...omg.

he just says a million disturbing words just by staring...ugh. great actor at being freekin evil. do you know anyone else in the acting buisness who can creep you out as badly with a simple, yet complex stare?

-gets all into it-

he was creepy i'll agree.

but he is not hot, like hannibal rising's hanni.


but i can never watch a movie with anthony hopkins where he is a normal person without thinking he is going to just break out into "hello clarice" or whatever her name is.

i think gaspard did a really good job emulating hopkins' creepyness, though.
lol. yeah, he's so no hot. haha. i know what you mean about hopkins. it kinda sucks when you're an actor and you do this one movie and people will ALWAYS refer to you as "that creepy guy" or something...lol.

like, the Harry Potter kids will have it hard trying to break out of their role names if they want to pursue acting, methinks.

and yes, gaspard did do well...he also did well getting the audienc'es synpathy, even though he's a creepy weirdo who likes to eaaat people. =]